Important Events
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Chapter 1
In chapter one, we get to know the main characters, they are Jean Louise (Scout), Jem (Jeremiah) and Atticus finch. At the beginning we also find out that Jem has a broken arm deeming him unable to play football. We also learn that the story takes place in the South in a town called Macomb in the 1930’s. The children also meet an important character named Dill Harris. He comes in every summer to live with his Aunt. They also tell Dill about Boo Radley and his story, this intrigues the kids greatly.
Chapter 2
In chapter two, summer is over and dill leaves Maycomb. The first grade begins for Scout, her teacher is Ms. Caroline. Scout does not like school because the house keeper Calpurnia already taught Scout how to read but Ms. Caroline doesn’t think she’s old enough to start reading. Walter Cunningham, the poor boy at school comes to the Finch’s house for lunch because he forgot his own lunch. When the teacher offers Walter a quarter he refuses because he can’t pay her back, scout tries to explain but ends up getting the teacher angry at her.

Chapter 3
When Walter pours syrup all over his food Scout gets angry at him and Calpurnia scolds her. Calpurnia tells scout to mind her manners and that some people have different customs. The day after that this one boy named Burris Ewell tells the teacher not to worry about his cooties which are head lice. He then goes on saying how Ms. Caroline can’t tell him what to do.

Chapter 4
In chapter four Scout randomly finds a piece of tinfoil protruding from a hole in a tree on the Radley property, she takes it to find out that it is two pieces of gum. She tells Jem and he becomes quite angry at her for touching and eating something from the Radley house, the legend is that anything from the Radley house is poisonous and will kill you. They later find more loot; it is two shiny old pennies. When dill comes back they begin acting as if they were the Radleys and they then get in trouble from Atticus making Scout more paranoid of doing things involving the Radleys.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 (2).jpgScout was ignored by the two boys, Dill and Jem, therefore, found her-self hanging out with Miss Maudie. Scout got to know Miss Maudie better, who was a nice lady and really great with gardening and cooking. After a little while, Scout discovered what Dill and Jem is planning, to slip a note into the Radley’s house. They got caught by Atticus and learned that meddling into others business was not appropriate.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6.jpgEven with Atticus’ order that they should not bother Boo Radley anymore, they continued and planned something even more intense, go peek at the Radley’s windows. They got through the back fence and while observing, they saw a shadow and then the shadow disappeared. They got up and ran until they were out of sight. Jem’s pants even got stuck on the fence. As they were going to sleep, Scout found her-self terrified because of what they did, thinking that every sound she hears is Boo Radley.

Chapter 7

After their incident with the Radleys, Dill went away as summer was over. Scout is going to school with Jem at the same time now because she moved to the second grade. As they were going home, they always see and take things that were located in the knothole of a tree near the Radley’s house. At first it was a ball of twine, soap replicas of Jem and Scout, a pack of chewing gum, spelling bee medal, and a broken pocket watch. They left a note, trying to know who was leaving stuff in the tree, and catches Mr. Nathan who was filling up the tree with cement. Jem cried after that, sad about the cut of communication between him and Boo Radley.
Chapter 8
Chapter 8.jpgIt was winter, Jem and Scout made a snowman resembling Mr. Avery who keeps telling that the children’s bad behavior causes the season to change, not until Atticus saw it, they changed it then. And one night Atticus wakes the kids up, it turns out that Miss Maudie’s house was on fire. The kids were instructed to stand in front of the Radley house, and there they watched Miss Maudie’s house burn. After the fire, they didn’t realize that Scout had a blanket over her, and Jem starts telling Atticus what happened in the knothole of the tree. Atticus told them that it may have been Boo Radley who gave them those things and the blanket too. They also found out how positive Miss Maudie is, all happy telling them that her house was too big anyway and she wanted a smaller one but a bigger garden.

Chapter 9
Scout got into a fight with Cecil Jacobs because he called Atticus a “nigger-lover”. Atticus told Scout that she shouldn’t fight over things like that, and she didn’t. Christmas came, Uncle Jack and Aunt Alexandra was visiting, together with Francis, the children’s cousin. Uncle Jack gave them air-rifles, which both wanted and asked Atticus if he could teach them, but refused, saying he was too old, leading Jem disappointed of his dad. They went to the Finch’s landing and during dinner, Scout got into a fight with Francis, again because of insults against Atticus. Uncle Jack scolds Scout, but then realizes he was not good with kids because he did not listen to Scout’s side of the story. Uncle Jack and Atticus then talked about the case, Atticus, making Scout here that he’s trying his best to guide his kids life and helping them ignore ignorant judging from fellow classmates.

Chapter 10
Chapter 10 (2).jpgJem and Scout’s disappointment on their father, Atticus, became deeper as they found many things their father wouldn’t do. He doesn’t play football like all the other younger dads do, and still he still refuses to teach them to use their rifles. As Jem and Scout were exploring, trying to find something to shoot with their rifles, they saw Mr. Harry Johnson’s dog acting a bit strange. They told on Calpurnia and she immediately called for Mr. Heck Tate, saying there’s a “mad dog”. As it came closer to the Finch’s home and in range of Tate’s rifle, he suddenly asked Atticus to shoot the dog, and so he did, killing the dog with one shot. The kids later found out that Atticus was known as the “Ol’ One Shot Finch”, which removed their disappointment to their not-so-boring dad. They learned to be humble, hearing Atticus statement that a superior talent degrades other people around him, not wanting that, he hides his talent and continues to live normally like the people around him.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11.jpgThe kids still have school and it was Jem’s birthday. They went down-town to get stuff they can spend on, and they bought a steam engine for Jem and a baton for Scout. But when going from their home to downtown or to fetch Atticus going home, they go past Mrs. Dubose house where they get beat up by her words of ignorance against them and their father. As they were going down-town, Mrs. Dubose called Atticus a “nigger-lover”, and by the time they were going home, Jem loses it and smashed and destroyed the Camellias of Mrs. Dubose, leading to a punishment where he has to read to Mrs. Dubose for a month every day. The kids described Mrs. Dubose as creepy, disgusting, wrinkled, spotty, and many more negative physical attributes. They would leave after an alarm clock rings, and every day it would take longer for it to ring, until the last day of Jem’s reading to Mrs. Dubose, where she herself instructed Jem and Scout to leave. After a few days, Mrs. Dubose died and they found out that Mrs. Dubose was a morphine addict and Jem’s reading was the way she got over her illness, and the alarm clock was the signal that she had to take her medicine. Atticus explained to them that Mrs. Dubose was the bravest that he have ever met.

Chapter 12

Chapter 12.jpgJem turned twelve and Jem wants Scout to act more like a girl and stop following him. This year Dill didn’t come to Maycomb and told Scout that he has a new father which makes Scout disappointed. Adding to her disappointment, her father was called by the State Legislature to travel to the state capital for two weeks. Having their father away, Calpurnia suggested to the children that they were to go to Calpurnia’s church, where all the colored folks go, and the children were both happy to go. When they were at Church, Jem and Scout found out that Tom Robinson is being accused of rape by Bob Ewell. As they were going home, there Aunt Alexandra was, staring at them. Jem and Scout knew something’s up and they were going to be scolded.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13.jpg
In this chapter Aunt Alexandra wants to stay in Maycomb with the Finches to give the Finches a feminine influence. The Macomb’s town welcome Aunt Alexandra by baking her cake and inviting her for coffee and she became a part of the town’s social life. Alexandra is really proud of the Finches and spends lots of time telling the different characteristics of the different families in Maycomb. But Jem and Scout lack the pride that Aunt Alexandra considers to be important of being a Finch. She asks Atticus to give Jem and Scout a lecture on the family’s history. He tried to tell them about their ancestry but he only made Scout cry.

Chapter 14

Chapter 14.jpgIn this chapter the Finch family is the talk of the town because of Atticus defending Tom Robinson. One day, Scout tries to ask Atticus what rape is, Atticus refuses to explain what it is. Then Scout asks Atticus why Calpurnia wouldn’t explain it to her. Then it lead to Scout asking if they could go to Calpurnia’s church but Aunt Alexandra interrupted her and told her she can not. Then Scout started to be rude to her but Atticus made her apologize to her Aunt. That night, Jem tells Scout not to get in Aunt Alexandra’s nerves. Scout gets mad because she is being lectured and fought Jem. Atticus breaks up the fight and sends both of them to bed. When Scout went to bed she found someone under her bed and it was Dill who ran away from his home because his mother and new father do not have time for him. So he took the train from Mederian to Maycomb, Scout told Atticus about it and they gave Dill something to eat and planned to tell his Aunt Miss Rachel what have Dill done. After eating Dill went to bed with Jem, but he went to climb over to Scout’s bed to talk with her about things.

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 (2).jpgOne evening Mr. Heck Tate together with a group of men called Atticus to come outside of their house, and so he did. Scared that something bad will happen, Jem called Atticus telling him has a phone call and the men left. They were talking about Tom Robinson being transferred to the Maycomb jail. On Sunday, after they go to church, during that evening, Atticus went outside, taking his car which was really weird for the kids because Atticus loved walking and seldom takes the car. Jem and Scout decided to follow him, including Dill, and found him on top of the Maycomb Country Jail. After a few minutes, four cars came and a group of men got out of each car. Again, scared that their father would get hurt, Scout ran to Atticus, but gets embarrassed as she realized that these men are not from Maycomb. But, scanning every single one of them, Scout recognizes Mr. Cunningham, the father of Walter Cunningham. She goes on and on about his agreement with her father, Atticus and also about Walter saying he’s a good boy even when ignored for a long time. But then Mr. Cunningham started to talk to Scout and telling her he will send her regards to Walter, and told the men to leave. Scout’s innocence saved the day for the Finch’s, and after the men went away, Mr. Underwood came out of the shadows, who was there to back-up Atticus. They went home after wards, all happy and relieved that nothing happened.

Chapter 16

Chapter 16.jpgIn this chapter the trial begins and people from other places came to Maycomb. Everyone went to the trial except for Miss Maudie who didn’t want to go to trial because she said it was like watching a Roman carnival.But Miss Stephanice and Dolphus Raymond went to the trial. Dolphus Raymond is a rich man who has a land on a river bank and lives near the county line and he is involved with a black woman, and he has a mulatto children. Meanwhile Jem, Scout, and Dill slip in at the back of the crowd so they can see the trial without Atticus noticing them. They got a sit in the balcony where all the black people has to sit in order for them to watch the trial. From the seats they can have a good view of the whole courtroom and Judge Taylor is the one in charge of running the case.