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~ Scouts real name is Jean Louise "Scout" Finch

~ She is six years of age

~ Father is Atticus finch, Brother is Jem Finch

~She doesn't like it when others speak rudely about her father

~Doesn't like when people talk negatively about her father

~"Francis called Atticus someth' an' I wasn't about to take it off him" (Lee 86)

~Short black hair and brown eyes.

~Scout is loving, curious, meddlesome, outspoken and defensive.

~She respects others if they respect her and her family.

~Narrator and protagonist of the novel.

~ Smart for her age

~ Loves too read.

~ Her best friend is Dill Harris

~Just like Jem and Dill, She is rather curious about Arthur "Boo" Radley

~"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view--until you climb into his skin and walk around in it." (Lee 30)

~Doesn't like school

~When it first started to snow, she thought the world was ending.

~She is a acts a dresses like a Tomboy

~ Dill wants to run away with her and marry

~She is comabative and will fight anyone if she needs to, believing its the solution to everything

~ Her temper is short and has little self control

~ She wants everything to be fixed quick and easy

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~ " I didn't say it... Cecil Jacobs did; thats why I had to fight him" (Lee)

~ Scout represents the innocence of children

~ She is fond of her father, never disrespecting her

Chapters 9- 21 by: Jacob and Kyle :)

-Scout is still a tom boy type girl
- Scout doesnt like school so she is trying to find ways to make Atticus let her stay home

- She has been cussing more and has been testing people to see how much she can get away with

- Aunt Alexandra wants Scout to be more lady like but she refuses

- Scout beats up her cousin Francis because he makes a bunch of rude comments towards Atticus

- Francis says " He's nothin' but a nigger lover." (Lee)

- Francis keeps on whispering "nigger lover..." to Scout

- Scout is Jems P.I.C ( partner in crime)

- She has a very good relationship with her father Atticus

- She is very pursuasive towards making Jem let her tag along

- She doesnt take crap from anyone, especially Aunt Alexandra or people in her school

- She always needs to know everything about everything

- Very intelligent for her age, she can read and write better then anybody in her grade

- In the later chapters she is learning more and more about being a lady from Aunt Alexandra, not happy about learning but she is learning

- Scout has learned from Atticus that white people shouldnt discriminate against black people and she takes it offensively
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-Scout doesnt like the Ewells becasue they are mean to black people

-She feels sorry for Tom Robertson because she believes he didnt rape Mayella, she is on Toms's side for the trial

-Scout is fasinated by Mr.Dolphus Raymond, even though she thinks he's evil

-She is also frustrated Mr. Dolphus has mixed children and that he pretends to be drunk all the time
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- Came to the rescue when Atticus had his handsful with the mob, she knows how to talk like an adult and control a crowd

-Attends black church with Calpurnia and Jem